Pamper Yourself with Beautiful Nail Art Services

With popular nail art designs such as pastels, polka-dots, leopard prints, these insta-famous nail art designs are meant to be shown off, and we make sure our high-quality acrylics are as long-lasting as they’re beautiful.

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If you want to slay the day with beautiful hands, both well maintained and healthy, our team stays ahead of the trend by offering various nail grooming and nail art services such as:

  • Manicure
  • Acrylic nail arts,
  • Patterned nail arts, etc

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What our experts say

Nail art has become ‘the new trendy way’ to make a statement. Whether you want matching nails with your outfit, or make a statement with bold art, we have you covered through our range of countless designs and unique patterns that never fail to please the crowd. Short fingernails are no longer a bar as you can now get affordable nail extensions near you regardless of the length of your natural fingernails. Trust us, you won’t stop staring at your own hands!

What People Say

Vivazen Beauty Salon & makeup studio brings you professional salon and makeup services in Jaunpur. Our staff consists of professional makeup artists that excel at bridal and party makeup, as well as trained beauticians working to provide top salon services in the city at affordable prices. Whether it be waxing, makeup, hairstyling, haircutting, or skin facials, we aim to provide full customer satisfaction at every visit so that whenever you look for the best ladies beauty parlour near you, you will always come back to Vivazen.

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