Prepare yourself for your new life, the right way!

Vivazen curates Pre-bridal packages with an aim to improve your skin’s texture as well as provide it with a lasting glow so that you, bride-to-be, can step into your new married life with clear, beautiful skin that shines from within, with our Pre-bridal treatments available exclusively in Jaunpur.

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Get a total makeover with Pre-Bridal Skin & Hair treatments

Prep your skin and body before your wedding to become a radiant and gorgeous bride through expert skin treatments carefully planned for the bride-to-be, perfectly fitting your budget. Our treatment includes:

  • Pre-bridal facials
  • Face massages
  • Body massages
  • Unwanted hair removal
  • Hair spa
  • Hair colour
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure

Pre-Bridal Packages


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What our experts say

Pre-Bridal skin treatments are a must for all women to rejuvenate their skin and fight signs of ageing, dull skin, hyperpigmentation, skin & hair damage through pollution, etc, before the wedding. We use professional products targeted to treat concerns specific to your skin’s special needs.

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